Symphonova’s proprietary technologies seamlessly blend hardware and software to emulate the authentic sound and expression of a full symphony orchestra. Our innovations include:

1. Hardware for Unparalleled Sound Quality:

    • Symphonova Versatile Acoustic System (SVAS™): Creates adaptive acoustics for immersive audience experiences
    • Instrumental Loudspeakers: Reproduces the authentic sound of acoustic instruments


2. Software for Authentic Musical Expression:

    • Conductor’s Gestural Control: Provides real-time control  over timing and expression of virtual instruments
    • Espressivo software: Applies nuanced musical expression to virtual instruments


The synergy of these technologies empowers conductors to control and emulate a full-sized symphony orchestra in real-time, bringing rich symphonic experiences to audiences in diverse venues and contexts.

Symphonova Technology Summary presented by Shelley Katz