Symphonova Orchestra is unlike any other orchestra. It is led by Shelley Katz, internationally acclaimed conductor, inventor and pianist whose command of digital technology enables just twelve solo musicians to create the richness and power of a full symphonic experience.

Multiple inventions related to sound quality and gestural control combine in Symphonova performances and recordings to create the marvel of the orchestral experience. Firstly, the acoustics of the venue itself is transformed by the Symphonova Versatile Acoustic System™, creating the best concert hall acoustics even in the least likely venues. Secondly, music played by individual musicians is augmented by specialist unique Instrumental Loudspeakers made out of the instruments themselves, whose speed, dynamics and playing style is seamlessly controlled by Symphonova’s newly developed conducting wand.

Symphonova presents a unique artistic profile. The small-scale ensemble enables performers to play major symphonic works with the intimacy, flexibility and freedom of expression of a chamber group, whilst cutting edge technology enhances the Orchestra’s qualities of unity, accuracy and richness of sound. Symphonova specialises in repertoire that would normally require large forces playing in large spaces. With its unique configuration Symphonova reaches where no normal symphonic complement can usually go and new imaginative programming is possible for audiences anywhere. Symphonova’s innovative approach attracts composers who are excited by the scope of possibilities now available. Symphonova itself is keen to promote high quality but forgotten repertoire, perhaps ignored for practical, financial or political reasons. Symphonova’s coming up CD of previously unrecorded Canadian music is a prime example.

The Symphonova Project was in residence at the University of Surrey until 2014, generously supported by grants from the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and by private and commercial sponsorship. With the founding of Symphonova Ltd. by Dr Shelley Katz and Dr Abigail Dolan, the Symphonova moved from laboratory to limelight and has been performing in the UK to audience amazement and acclaim.