Symphonova Orchestra is an orchestra like no other. Led by internationally acclaimed conductor and pianist Shelley Katz, twelve experienced and risk taking soloists are empowered by digital technologies to magically create the richness of the symphonic experience. New horizons open-up as human creativity meets digital precision at the heart of the Classical music heritage.

In Symphonova’s performances the acoustics of the hall are digitally transformed. The sound of the individual soloists is turned into the sound of a complete section of the orchestra as they are augmented by Symphonova Instrumental Loudspeakers. Using his newly-developed conducting wand, conductor Shelley Katz controls dynamics, speed and playing style of the virtual instruments simultaneously as he conducts the musicians.


Symphonova Orchestra presents a unique artistic profile: The small scale of the ensemble enables the performers to play with intimacy, flexibility and freedom of expression within the richness and power of the symphonic repertoire. The support of cutting edge technology enhances the Orchestra’s performances with unprecedented qualities of unity, accuracy, depth and power. Symphonova Orchestra specialises in the performances of repertoire requiring large forces and tours to places where such repertoire cannot otherwise be performed. Symphonova offers imaginative and highly varied programming of the core repertoire, and works with composers excited by the new horizons opened for them by writing with no limits on orchestration. Symphonova is also keen to bring to public awareness high-quality but forgotten repertoire that was neglected for non-artistic reasons.

Symphonova Orchestra was in residence at the University of Surrey until 2014 and is now in an exciting stage of moving from lab to limelight. The project has been generously supported by grants from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and by private and commercial sponsorship. The Symphonova opened to great acclaim the Guildford Festival, and in May 2016 performed in Birmingham to rave reviews: one critic described the ‘superb sound, full, rich and resonant’ with ‘perfect co-ordination between conductor and instruments’. The Orchestra’s first CD featuring previously unrecorded Canadian music will be launched in 2017.