At Symphonova® , we’re reimagining the future of symphonic performance and practice. As musicians, we integrate the cutting-edge technologies we develop into our performances and recordings, and also make these advancements available to other musicians.

Our flagship innovation, the Symphonova instrument, combines sophisticated hardware and software to faithfully emulate the sound and expressive capabilities of a full symphony orchestra. Led by a conductor, either solo or alongside a small group of musicians, the Symphonova empowers conductors with nuanced control over the timing and expression of virtual instruments, unlocking  new possibilities for composing, rehearsing and performing orchestral music. 

Key Benefits:

  1. Empower composers to push the boundaries of their imagination, unrestricted by traditional orchestral limitations
  2. Provide conductors with the MicroSymphonova to practice intricate scores with unprecedented control
  3. Inspire audiences with fresh musical experiences of rarely-heard repertoire, including new and suppressed orchestral works
  4. Outreach to new audiences by performing big orchestral works in non-traditional venues 
  5. Integrate multimedia through conductor’s seamless synchronisation between musicians and the digital domain (e.g. visuals)


Developed and refined through years of performances and recordings, the Symphonova is not just a technological marvel – it’s a solution to many challenges encountered by all those involved in composing, rehearsing and performing orchestral music. We believe that by bridging the gap between traditional orchestral practice and cutting-edge technology, we can elevate the art of orchestral music to new heights.

Join the Symphonova Community: We’re actively seeking collaborations with conductors and composers for our ongoing beta testing program. If you’re passionate about pushing the boundaries of orchestral music, we invite you to connect with us and explore the possibilities of Symphonova™.


Our Performances

We create orchestral experiences our audiences can’t find anywhere else, performing new works envisioned for Symphonova’s unique capabilities, and promoting high quality but forgotten repertoire.


Record Your Music

Symphonova specialises in making high quality orchestral recordings of concert repertoire and for media.

Joe Kraemer — Fanfare for Symphonova

Xiaotian Shi — Beyond the Dreams


The MicroSymphonova

The MicroSymphonova conducting system empowers conductors with a revolutionary tool to rehearse the most complex scores. 

Symphonova Technology

Symphonova technologies include two hardware technologies for sound quality and two software for creating musical expression. A synergistic combination of these enabling technologies endow Symphonova’s conductor and musicians with power to control and shape in real-time the authentic sound and musical expression of a full-sized Symphony orchestra. Depending on the size of the venue and the musical context, we use either the MicroSymphonova or the Symphonova Orchestra.

The Team



Abigail Dolan is co-founder and CEO of Symphonova, bringing to the project her leadership skills, background in performance studies and extensive experience as a concert flautist.


Technical & Artistic Director

Shelley Katz has a multifaceted career in the music industry as a musician, inventor, and entrepreneur. Known for his innovative contributions as a music technologist


Score Production Director

Goran Tchubrilo is fascinated by Symphonova’s unique concept of integrating musicians with the most recent developments



Abi Boatright is an associate performing arts producer at the Waterford Old Town Hall, as well as a film associate for Double Bit Productions Ltd. Abi, is also a student at Queen’s University specializing in Media and Performance Production. 

Dr Abigail Dolan

Abigail Dolan is co-founder and CEO of Symphonova, bringing to the project her leadership skills, background in performance studies and extensive experience as a concert flautist. 

Abigail received her PhD from King’s College London. Her research examines musical performance from both a historical and cognitive perspective. Her work has been awarded the AVI Fellowship and the Edison Fellowship of the British Library Sound Archive.

Abigail founded and served as Artistic Director of the Intimate Engagements chamber-music concert series at Clare Hall, Cambridge University. She was elected a Fellow Commoner in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the College life.

Abigail has performed solo and in chamber music ensembles at international festivals and concert venues worldwide. Her discography includes French repertoire programmes (Selena label), Michael Wolpe’s flute concerto (Memus publication) and works by composers Andre Hajdu and Yinam Leef. Concerto performances include Nielsen’s concerto and her arrangement for flute of Mendelssohn’s violin concerto (the Symphonova Orchestra), Partos’ flute concerto (Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra) and Ben-Haim’s Divertimento Concertante (Kaprizma Ensemble). Her repertoire extends from classical concerti and chamber works to today’s music, with an increasing number of pieces written for and dedicated to her.


Goran Tchubrilo

Goran Tchubrilo is fascinated by Symphonova’s unique concept of integrating musicians with the most recent developments in music technology, as well as by the new opportunities that open-up to composers, performers, and in the concert arena in general. He was trained as a composer at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz in Austria. In 2005 he started his training in sample based music production, with Vienna Symphonic Library as his main (but not only) area of interest. He is also the author and lecturer of the Art of VSL, an online learning platform for VSL libraries and software.