We create experiences of orchestral repertoire our audiences can’t find anywhere else. We perform new works envisioned for Symphonova unique capabilities and promote high quality but forgotten repertoire. Depending on the venue and musical context, we use either the MicroSymphonova or Symphonova Orchestra to create fully immersive and emotionally meaningful symphonic experiences for our audiences.

The MicroSymphonova

Our newest development is the MicroSymphonova – a new and powerful way for emulating the richness of an orchestral experience. Using our Espressivo software, conductor Shelley Katz shapes nuanced musical expression in the real time of the performance, while audiences are immersed in full orchestral sound created by Symphonova Versatile Acoustic System. With exciting soloists added to the mix, audiences have unique and memorable experiences.  

As part of the Awakening Suppressed Music initiative, Shelley Katz will leads the MicroSymphonova in a series of recordings and performances of suppressed orchestral scores published by Donemus. The series was launched in April 2024 and we are excited about bringing to our audiences’ awareness this engaging music that otherwise will be lost forever. 

The MicroSymphonova captures the imagination of forward-looking creators who are thrilled writing music with MicroSymphonova unique capabilities in mind. The recent premiere took place in April 2024 with a  work by Joe Kraemer.

An excerpt from Lamentation by Joe Kraemer performed at Herstmonceux Castle.

Symphonova Orchestra

Led by Shelley Katz, the Symphonova Orchestra consists of a small group of skilled and enthusiastic soloists, who share the vision to re-new the orchestral experience. The Orchestra specialises in performing repertoire that requires the biggest orchestras in small and remote venues. With its small-scale, the Symphonova Orchestra performs big orchestral scores with the intimacy, flexibility and freedom of expression of a chamber group. And the use of cutting-edge technology enhances the orchestra’s qualities of unity and accuracy.

In the last five years, the Symphonova Orchestra has been used in a series of road-tests, performing in numerous venues that couldn’t otherwise provide their audiences with the richness and power of the symphonic repertoire.

An excerpt from Smetana The Moldau performed at Herstmonceux Castle

Shelley Katz shares his vision and explains the use of the technology

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