Why Us

Why us? Because of the musicality and sound quality of our recordings (listen here!), the comprehensive service we offer, and our competitive pricing.

Musical Quality

We are a dedicated group of highly-trained and experienced London-based musicians who play together on a regular basis and are led by Julliard graduate pianist and conductor Shelley Katz. The small scale of the ensemble enables close interaction and attention to details, and the quality is further enhanced by the accuracy and power of digital technologies.

In the context of recording newly-composed symphonic music, with our unique setting composers are free from budget considerations and can compose to any orchestration they wish.

Sound Quality

The Symphonova orchestra comprises a collection of technologies that combine synergistically to provide a sound quality equal to that of great orchestras. The Symphonova Versatile Acoustics System™ emulates the acoustics found in the best venues and can be tailored to your taste and repertoire. Our Instrumental Loudspeakers provide a rich, authentic sound of full symphonic sections.

Comprehensive Service

We provide a rapid and comprehensive service for both pre-and post-production, which consists of score preparation, recording and mixing. For more details, visit our How it Works page.


Recording with the Symphonova Orchestra is very cost-effective; we make high-quality large-scale orchestral recordings affordable. Our Shared Sessions are designed for small-scale projects and we offer plans suitable for different levels of score complexity.

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