Symphonova Versatile Acoustic System

The Symphonova Versatile Acoustic System™ (SVAS) creates a user-selected immersive and resonant acoustic environment. The SVAS is robust, discrete, relatively low cost and most importantly, it is measurably similar to natural acoustics.

One of the main features of the SVAS is that it propagates a sound-field that is uniform throughout the target acoustic space, so listeners experience no gaps as they move in the venue. This is because there are no ‘holes’ of diminished acoustics between the loudspeakers. Listeners hear consistent high-quality sound, no matter where they are, and the sound-quality is unaffected by the number and/or location of listeners in the space.

Another important feature is that the system provides versatile acoustics and the length and loudness of the resonance can be changed according to the taste of the performers and the repertoire played. Audiences are able to enjoy a sense of spaciousness that is far greater than the actual size of a venue, and the sound is easier to apprehend, providing audiences with greater enjoyment and ease.

The SVAS technology was developed by Dr. Shelley Katz, who is a world-expert in the domain of sound reproduction, specialising in using resonating panel loudspeakers to create a natural sound of enhanced clarity and spatial qualities. The Symphonova Versatile Acoustic System has been widely used in Symphonova performances and is now permanently installed at venues in the UK, USA and Canada.

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