Resonating Panel Technology

At the heart of the SVAS is our secret recipe (like some other great recipes, only two people know all the ingredients) for making the highly responsive, balanced and robust transverse-wave, resonating panels. But we can share that our multilayer composite sandwich resonating loudspeakers include phenolic resin dipped honey-comb, multi-layer acrylic sheets, carbon-dipped precision made reticulated foam, heat-activated adhesives, mechanical tuning pins, ultra-pure silver wire, a blend of Madagascar Clay with oil, some electronic bits and many, many years of making, testing, breaking and starting again.

For the more technically inclined, the SVAS exploits the natural behaviour of resonating panel loudspeakers to propagate the sound of early and late reflections. Due to the natural behaviour of our loudspeakers, the resultant air-disturbance pattern is measurably similar to the air-disturbance patterns of ‘natural’ early and late reflections. For detailed technical explanations, please don’t hesitate to contact us.