Record With Us

Composers, producers, and film visionaries,

You hear in your mind powerful orchestral recording of the highest musical and technical standards. But you are tied down with the weight of logistics and cost. Call us - relying on our skilled team and innovative technology, you can realize your dreams at unprecedented prices.

Think about it for a moment – using our skills and technology, you can free your imagination. No more ties to traditional structures or restricted instrumentation; any orchestration is possible and affordable.

An excerpt from The Alchemist by Christiano Alberghini

How do we do it? Our recordings sound authentic because they are made in a musically authentic way. We don’t do ‘mock-up’ tacked onto studio recordings.

Our new recording method relies on our performers; while playing, they simultaneously shape the musical expression of their sampled instruments. That way you get the distinctive quality of a live performance combined with the best of what technology has to offer.

Our system can handle the time-critical, high-quality requirements of live performance. In recordings sessions, it provides unprecedented flexibility and control in the post-production stage.

We offer professional, fast and comprehensive services that include score preparation, editing, and complete audio processing. Our delivery format is flexible and can include sectional stems only, through to a polished recording, fully mixed and mastered. We accept a wide range of projects, large or small, either through dedicated sessions or our regular shared sessions.

Do get in touch. We look forward to working with you, and to be part of what you will do with your new-found freedom.

The next shared session in March is fully booked. Click here to register your interest for the next session.