Record With Us


Symphonova Orchestra offers orchestral recordings of the highest quality at unprecedented competitive price. We are able to do so by using Symphonova unique technologies of sound reproduction and gestural control. We tailor packages for a wide range of recording projects, including for media and for soloists, and our shared sessions are ideal for smaller recording projects. And the new ReSonic service upgrades the sound quality of mock-up scores as played using Symphonova technologies. We also offer additional services including mock-up scores for composers and parts preparation.


Why Us:

1. Musical Quality

The Symphonova Orchestra is a dedicated group of highly-trained and experienced London-based musicians who play together on a regular basis and are led by accomplished conductor Shelley Katz. The small scale of the ensemble enables close interaction and attention to details, enhanced by the accuracy and power of digital technologies. In the context of recording newly-composed symphonic music, any orchestration becomes possible as well as affordable, performed with the incomparable ensemble expression of the Symphonova musicians and enhanced by the precision enabled by Symphonova technologies.

2. Sound Quality

Symphonova system comprises of a collection of technologies synergistically creating unparalleled sound quality. The Symphonova Virtual Acoustics System™ emulates the acoustics found in the best possible venues and can be tailored to your taste and repertoire. Our Instrumental Loudspeakers provide rich, authentic sound of full symphonic string and brass sections. And we collaborate with talented and experienced sound engineers, using top quality equipment throughout the recording and post production process.

3. Price

Recording with Symphonova Orchestra and its technologies is very cost effective, making quality orchestral recordings more affordable than ever before. We offer shared sessions, and in our launch year we offer a limited number of ‘early birds’ days with reduced rates. Read more