How It Works

How to book your session

Fill in the Registration Form. Tell us six things:

• the nature of your project

• your schedule

• the duration of your music

• the instrumentation

• your preferred type of session: shared or dedicated

• your choice of plan: Standard or Premium (details below)

Score Preparation

The score should be submitted in two formats:

a)pdf formatted parts and full score

b)MIDI score with every instrument on its own dedicated track (for the string section, with every divisi and/or solo part on its own dedicated track). Click here to see an example.

If you do not use notation software, then we can provide you with a fixed-price quote to fully convert and format your score. We have converted and recorded 18th century hand-written scores; we can convert anything you wish.

If you do not have parts but your score is already in digital format, then we can format it for an additional cost.

If you do not use notation software, we can offer the service of converting your score into digital format for an additional cost. 

Instrumentation and Performance Aspects

Instrumentation: We accept scores with any combination or all of the instrumentation listed below. You are also welcome to add further to any of the listed instruments; most importantly, you can choose any instrumentation you wish (Strings or Symphonic – more details below under ‘Our Sessions and Plans’) and the cost remains the same.

Woodwind: Flutes: 2 Piccoli, 4 Flutes, Alto Flute, Bass Flute Oboes: 4 Oboes, 2 Cor Anglais, Heckelphone Clarinets: 2 Clarinets in Eb, 4 Clarinets in Bb or A, 2 Bass Clarinets in Bb or A, Contrabassclarinet Saxophones: 2 Alt Saxophones, 2 Tenor Saxophones, 2 Bariton Saxophones Bassoons: 4 Bassoons, 2 Contrabassoons

Brass: 8 Horns, 2 Cornets Trumpets: 2 Piccolo Trumpets, 4 Trumpets Trombones: Alto Trombone, 2 Tenor trombones, Bass Trombone, Contrabass Trombone Tubas: Bass Tuba, Contrabass Tuba, Cimbasso, 4 Euphoniums, 2 Flugelhorns, 4 Wagner Tubas

Percussion: All standard orchestral percussion, unusual and/or ethnic percussion on demand

Harps & Keyboards: 4 Harps, Piano, Harpsichord, Celesta, Harmonium, Organ

Strings: Violins I & II, Violas, Celli, Double Basses; all in multiple divisi.

Ethnic or unusual instruments: Do get in touch to discuss what you have in mind. We will do our best to accommodate; please note that including such instruments may involve additional cost.

Pitch (tuning): Our standard tuning is ‘A 440’; you are welcome to request that we tune to a higher or lower ‘A’.

Click track: We do not require a click track. We can follow one if required.

Track Timing Data: If you provide no click track, but you would like to have timing in the final master, then we can create one and include it in the final master. We can provide it in any of the industry standard formats for time code (SMPTE and others), or as a MIDI ‘click’.

Performance aspects: We can record in multiple styles and ‘feel’. As part of our booking process, we will ask you to let us know more about what you have in mind. We are happy to arrange a conversation with the conductor ahead of the recording.

Our Sessions and Plans

Our flexible plans enable you to have the combination that best suits your project. You can select one of the following options:

Depending on your instrumentation:

▪ Strings Sessions: Includes recording strings in multiple divisi. We offer two distinct sound styles:

a) chamber string orchestra (8-7-5-4-2)

b) full symphonic string orchestra (16-14-12-10-8 and above)

▪Symphonic sessions: We accommodate any orchestration (for more details, see the above the ‘Orchestration’ section).

Depending on the duration of your piece:

▪ Shared sessions: These sessions are intended for small projects and offer a cost-effective way to record short works. We hold regular sessions in which we bring together other small productions so that you pay only for the recording of your music. We charge for a minimum of 2 minutes because even the shortest piece requires the musical and technical set-up time.

▪ Dedicated sessions: These sessions are appropriate for longer projects (10 minutes or more of recorded music).

Depending on level of complexity of your piece:

▪ Standard Plan: This plan is suitable for most scores.

▪ Premium Plan: This plan is required for scores of higher polyphonic and rhythmic complexity that require a large number of takes.

Both Plans includecomplete recording and editing.

Mixing and mastering are not included and can be provided with additional cost.


Our unique method of recording permits us to charge the same price regardless of how big or small the instrumentation. The price for Strings Sessions includes all divisi, and the price for Symphonic sessions includes all conventional instruments as detailed above.

In the shared sessions, we charge according to the duration of your music, and not for how long it takes us to make the recording.

For full information regarding pricing, see our pricing page.

Post Production: Editing, Mixing, Mastering & Delivery Format

Editing: Full editing is part of the service we offer and is included in our prices.

Delivery format, mixing and mastering:

You can choose from the following options:

• delivery of first mix and stems only (no additional fee required). The stem list is: All string sections separated, WW Section, WW first desks separated, Brass Section, First desk Horn, Trumpet and Trombone

• mixing and mastering by the in-house Symphonova team. For information regarding pricing, see our pricing page.


You retain full and exclusive copyright to the recording.


Your score (in the right format) can be sent anytime up to 7 days before the recording.
We will agree with you on the delivery schedule in advance. Once recorded, we deliver within five working days. If you have an emergency and need something urgently, we have a special service to accommodate that as well, and the pricing will be negotiated in accordance with the circumstances.

Get In Touch

We would be happy to hear about your project and answer any questions.
You can get in touch by email or call us on +44(0)797 3503538. We look forward to working with you.