How it Works

The Loudspeakers: A small number of purpose-built audiophile quality Transverse Wave Resonating Panel (TWRP) loudspeakers will be installed to propagate the reverberant air-disturbance patterns required to deliver the virtual acoustics. The loudspeakers will be hardwired into the processing unit and will be placed either on the walls or suspended from the ceiling or a combination of the two. The number and size of the panels can vary according to the venue. A typical ‘shoe box’ shape venue of 15M x 30M may require only six TWRP loudspeakers.

User Interface: A user interface that enables a selection of different presets will be provided. It enables users to choose different pre-configured reverberation, and different presence (loudness) of the acoustics.

How to Order: The Symphonova Versatile Acoustic System is a bespoke system that is designed specifically by Dr. Katz to meet the needs of each venue. Click here to get in touch and book a consultation.