Hire Us

Whether you are a composer, soloist or a concert promoter, Symphonova offers an unparalleled opportunity for recording and concert programming.



The Symphonova Orchestra can be hired for a wide range of recording projects, including for film and video-game sound-tracks, or for library music and core repertoire performed with soloists. We offer a high-quality, personalised service at unprecedented competitive pricing.

Why Us:

1. Musical Quality

Unlike many of the ad-hoc ensembles, the Symphonova Orchestra is a dedicated group of highly-trained and experienced musicians who play together on a regular basis and are led by conductor and accomplished musician Shelley Katz. The small scale of the ensemble enables close interaction and attention to details, enhanced by the accuracy and power of the technology. In the context of newly-composed music, any orchestration becomes possible as well as affordable, performed with the incomparable ensemble expression of the Symphonova musicians.

2. Sound Quality

We work with talented and experienced sound engineers, graduates of the prestigious Tonmeister programme at the University of Surrey. The Symphonova Virtual Acoustics System emulates the acoustics found in the best possible venues and can be tailored to your taste and repertoire.

3. Price

With Symphonova’s unparalleled competitive pricing, recording works that require the largest orchestras becomes affordable.

Throughout 2017, our launch year, we will offer special pricing. To discuss your project in more detail and to get a personalised quote, contact us by email. We look forward to hearing from you.


Symphonova makes it possible to program the most ambitious repertoire anywhere. As we move from lab to limelight, we are keen to hear from concert promoters who wish to bring the best of classical music to audiences everywhere. We look forward to discussing with you what best suits your audiences and programming.